We aspire to close the gender money gap by providing exceptional financial education to all those who identify as women.

Our 3 key drivers


We are confident that provided with the right tools, you can get where you want to be. Our mission is to empower you to make autonomous, informed choices about your earnings and your future.


Our role is to teach you how to reach your financial potential by delivering high-quality learning content, created by the world’s leading female experts.

Exceptional education

We strive to reframe the topic of finances from something that is anxiety-inducing, to something that is interesting and accessible.

By unpicking limiting beliefs, providing

female role models and a community-driven by the same goals, we will change your mindset from being ‘bad with money’ to being money savvy.

Boosting money confidence

Using money to have a positive impact is at the center of what we do.

We cover topics such as ethical investing, conscious consumption, and supporting causes you care about.

For each purchased membership, we also provide a woman from a disadvantaged background with free access to the platform.

Value-driven community

Our inspiration

Did you know that money was named after a woman?

The word comes from the name of the Roman goddess Juno Moneta.

Regarded as the protectress of the city's funds, money was coined in her temple for over four centuries.

In reality, however, women have never had power over money. It's time for a change!

At JUNO, we aspire to help women become the financial goddesses they deserve to be.

Meet the team

Alexia de Broglie


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Financial Advisory at PwC

Margot de Broglie


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CEO of Secret Sunrise

Alana McIntosh Clarke

Founding member

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Our story

We are a small and passionate team.

The founders, Alexia and Margot, live on opposite sides of the world (London and Melbourne), but noticed the same phenomenon: a great disparity in financial education and confidence between men and women.

The idea behind JUNO came from the frustrating task to find good information. Financial advisors are too expensive, advice from friends and family is unreliable, reading finance books is boring, Google searches are overwhelming, listening to podcasts doesn't go into enough depth, etc.

So we decided to build JUNO, a financial empowerment platform aimed at providing you with the best education. JUNO was built by women, for women.

"Behind every successful woman

is a tribe of other successful women

who have her back."

Our mission

We know that closing the gender gap in financial literacy is not the final hill to climb in the trek towards gender equity. We wish it were that simple. 

‘Women’ are not a homogenous group. Different categories of people have different experiences. Black, Asian, and minority ethnic women face intersectional discrimination, experiencing sexism differently from white women in a society that privileges whiteness. Trans women lack the privilege of cis-gender women; people with disabilities are not enabled to participate in work to the same extent as able-bodied citizens; migrants are often excluded from the very financial systems that we want to help you understand.

Juno can’t fix it all. Our aim is to equip all women, and anyone who needs it, with the knowledge to navigate this patriarchal, mythically-meritocratic society in which we find ourselves.


The system may be broken, but we cannot change what we do not understand.

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