We aspire to solve the global knowledge crisis in financial literacy for women.

How do we do this? 

Our solution is to remove the friction between the individual and the information. For a lot of people, personal finances is not the most exciting topic. We believe we can change that. 

To do this, JUNO relies on equal tech and media DNA. 

1. Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Backed by AI and adaptive questioning, our algorithm allows us to determine:


1. What does the user 'know'?

2. What should the user experience next?

Based on those answers, the algorithm can select “the right item at the right time” for the users as they learn.

An enjoyable learning experience

We are hard-wired to find great joy in learning, and the brain release endorphins with an inverted U-shape with respect to familiarity.


Things that are too familiar are boring, things that are too hard are aversive- but content that is on the edge of our knowledge is highly pleasurable!*

With AI, we can hit that sweet spot over and over again, as the user's knowledge map expands.

Captivating multimedia

The creative challenge of captivating our users is at the heart of the experience.


We aim for 'quality over quantity' when it comes to our content, choosing prestigious mentors, and crafting our own videos of exceptional quality. 

Gamification in every lesson

Rewards, streaks and badges keep the user motivated to unlock new levels.


We leverage individuals’s natural desires for mastery, competition and achievement to create a habit that sticks.  


If you would you like to join our team, get in touch at margot@herjuno.com


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