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Live events calendar

We bring you a line-up of experts in their field so that you can learn from the best. 

Check the calendar of remote events and choose from Lunch & Learns, Q&A with experts or meet-ups.

Book Club

Each month, we dive into one book to help us understand the financial and economic world around us better, and debate the ideas together!

No more unfinished books lying on your shelves.

Buddy-ups and mentors

Create a friendship group of like-minded peers. Get a mentor who has been in your shoes and who can support you through your next steps. 

One day, you will be able to pay it back to someone starting their journey. 

Community Forum

Join the conversation on specific threads, ask your own questions to the supportive community, and share your financial journey. 

Money doesn't have to be a taboo!

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"Give a (wo)man a fish and she eats for a day. 

Teach a (wo)man to fish and she eats for a lifetime."

Dalai Lama


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